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SANG DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD, is an innovative & professional & experienced manufacturer of diamond tools for green concrete, cured concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, bricks. Our main products conclude core drill bit, diamond bush hammer, diamond cup wheel, diamond grinding segment, diamond saw blade, and diamond wire saw. They can apply in walking behind saw wall saw, road cutter, drill machine, etc.


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Diamond grinding segment

SANG diamond abrasive tools can be used for different machine, such as Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Blastrac, Klindex, EDCO, Werkmaster,CPS etc. The grinding segment have outstanding performance in concrete floor grinding.

Diamond cup wheel

SANG diamond cup wheel can be use in remove coating,terrazzo,concrete surface preparation.

Diamond saw blade

High performance laser welding diamond saw blades designed for asphalt, concrete ,reinforced concrete.applied in walkbehind saw ,road cutter, wall saw,etc.

Core drill bit

SANG Core drill bit can be used for different drill machine, like  Husqvarna, Hilti machine,especially suitable in reinforced concrete.


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Diamond Arix Segment

Diamond Arix Segments represent an advanced technology in diamond tool design, offering improved cutting efficiency and extended tool life. Their application versatility makes them suitable for various cutting tasks across different materials, providing a cost-effective solution for industries such as construction, stone fabrication, and roadwork.

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Fast Cutting Laser Welding 800mm Diamond V Shape Saw Blade for Cutting Wall Concrete

"Fast Cutting 800mm V Shape Saw Blade for Cutting Wall Concrete" is a saw blade specifically designed for the rapid and precise cutting of wall concrete. Here are the key features and implications of this product:1. Blade Size:Diameter: 800mmThe 800mm diameter indicates that this is a large-sized sa

Diamond Drill Core Bits

Only start drilling after water starts to flow from the drill bit. Select the drill speed (R.P.M.) based on the diameter of the core bit. The smaller the diameter then the greater the speed allowable.



HTC PCD Diamond Grinding Segment for Remove Coating Epoxy.jpg
What Sets Diamond Grinding Tools Apart in Industrial Applications?
29 March 2024

Diamond grinding tools have become increasingly popular in industrial applications due to their numerous advantages and key features.

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Conquer Large-Scale Concrete Cutting with 1200mm Saw Blades
18 February 2024

Are you struggling with large-scale concrete cutting projects? Look no further! In this article, we are going to introduce you to the power and efficiency of 1200mm saw blades. These blades offer numerous advantages that can revolutionize your cutting operations.

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What kind of circular saw blade is used for concrete?
14 February 2024

Concrete is a versatile material that is used in a wide range of construction projects, from building foundations to creating decorative features. When it comes to cutting through concrete, a circular saw is commonly used due to its efficiency and precision.

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