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SANG DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD, is an innovative & professional & experienced manufacturer of diamond tools for green concrete, cured concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, bricks. Our main products conclude core drill bit, diamond bush hammer, diamond cup wheel, diamond grinding segment, diamond saw blade, and diamond wire saw. They can apply in walking behind saw wall saw, road cutter, drill machine, etc.


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Diamond grinding segment

SANG diamond abrasive tools can be used for different machine, such as Husqvarna, HTC, Lavina, Blastrac, Klindex, EDCO, Werkmaster,CPS etc. The grinding segment have outstanding performance in concrete floor grinding.

Diamond cup wheel

SANG diamond cup wheel can be use in remove coating,terrazzo,concrete surface preparation.

Diamond saw blade

High performance laser welding diamond saw blades designed for asphalt, concrete ,reinforced concrete.applied in walkbehind saw ,road cutter, wall saw,etc.

Core drill bit

SANG Core drill bit can be used for different drill machine, like  Husqvarna, Hilti machine,especially suitable in reinforced concrete.


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Diamond Drill Core Bits

Only start drilling after water starts to flow from the drill bit. Select the drill speed (R.P.M.) based on the diameter of the core bit. The smaller the diameter then the greater the speed allowable.

Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel

Please check carefully before installing the diamond grinding cup wheel to confirm whether the cutting wheel is deformed, cracked, chipped, etc.

Diamond Saw Blade

Preservation of diamond saw blade. When not in use, hang the cutting piece vertically on a dry shelf, and do not lay it flat on the ground or in a humid environment.



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Marmomac 26/29 SEPT 2023
30 June 2023

Marmomac is an international trade fair for stone, design, and technology that takes place annually in Verona, Italy. It is considered one of the most important events in the natural stone industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world to showcase the latest innovations and trends

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Cutting Rope Diamond Wire Saw for Cutting Reinforced Concrete.png
What is the function of wire saw for concrete?
13 March 2023

wire saw for concrete is a hydraulically driven cutting device with drive unit, which can achieve different cuts for thicker concrete. It is the most suitable cutting equipment for cutting and demolishing cellars, chimneys and columns, as well as for repair work.

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​What is the function of concrete wire saw machine
27 January 2023

​concrete wire saw machines are an invaluable tool in the construction industry, providing a safe and efficient way to cut through concrete. They are used for a variety of applications, from cutting through reinforced concrete walls to making precision cuts on masonry and stone. While their primary use is for cutting concrete, they can also be used for other materials such as metal and wood. In this blog post, we will discuss what the function of a concrete wire saw is, how it works, and why it’s so important for construction projects.

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