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25-450mm Concrete Turbo Core Drill Bits for Drilling Reinforced Concrete

1.Using high quality raw materials
2.High daily output
3.Save energy
4.quick delivery 7-10days
5.diamond tools factory manufacture cnc router milling bits
  • SG-NEW-C041

  • SANG

  • SANG

  • TT100%,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram,etc

  • Fujian China

  • Xiamen or Guangzhou Port

  • 7~10 days after payment recieved

  • 5pcs

  • SGCD-S220-G

  • $98/pc


Product Details

25-450mm Concrete Turbo Core Drill Bits for Drilling Reinforced Concrete SANGTOOLS1DSC_9727(1)

Quick Details

Product name Diamond core bit
Use for  For drilling reinforced concrete, asphalt, brick and air-cured refractories.
Relative word 200mm core drill bit; concrete core drilling; concrete core bits
Material Diamond powder
Segment shape flat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.
Technology Hot press,sinterd,welding technology
Supply Ability 10000 Pcs/Month
Certificate ISO,SGS
Factory More than 26 years experience
Delivery time 7~10 days after payment recieved

Type of segment: flat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.

Type of thread: Straight shank; 5/8"-11;  M14;  UNC 1 1/4"-7;  Gas 1/2;  3/4"-6.

Product Description

Universal wet drilling core bits are used for drilling machines.

Type of segment: flat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.

Type of thread: Straight shank; 5/8"-11;  M14;  UNC 1 1/4"-7;  Gas 1/2;  3/4"-6.

Concrete Turbo Core Drill Bits, ranging from 25mm to 450mm in diameter, are specialized cutting tools used for drilling holes in various hard materials, including reinforced concrete, stone, brick, wall, and hard rock. These core drill bits are designed for use with core drilling machines and are commonly used in construction, masonry, and other drilling applications. Here are some key features and information about these core drill bits:

Diameter Range: These core drill bits are available in a wide range of diameters, starting from 25mm and going up to 450mm. The choice of diameter depends on the specific hole size required for your project.

Concrete and Hard Material Drilling: These turbo core drill bits are specifically designed for drilling into hard materials like reinforced concrete, stone, brick, walls, and hard rock. They are equipped with diamond segments that provide effective and precise cutting.

Turbo Design: The "turbo" design features segments with a pattern that enhances the cutting efficiency and reduces heat generation during the drilling process. This design helps prolong the life of the core drill bit and ensures a smooth and clean hole.

Core Drilling Machines: These drill bits are typically used with core drilling machines. These machines are equipped with a motor and water supply system for cooling and lubrication during drilling. The water flow helps to remove debris and keep the bit cool.

Application: Core drill bits are commonly used in construction to create holes for various purposes, such as plumbing, electrical conduit, anchor bolts, and ventilation. They are also used in geological and mining applications for extracting core samples from rock.

Quality and Durability: High-quality core drill bits are essential for reliable and efficient drilling. Look for durable bits with high-quality diamond segments to ensure a long lifespan and consistent performance.

Safety and Water Supply: When using concrete turbo core drill bits, follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and ensure a continuous water supply to the bit to prevent overheating and dust control.

Selecting the right core drill bit diameter and ensuring proper water supply and drilling techniques are essential for achieving clean and precise holes in hard materials. It's recommended to consult us for specific recommendations regarding the compatibility of the core drill bits with your core drilling machine and for guidance on choosing the right bit for your drilling project.


Item No.
Length (mm)
Segment Dimension (mm)
L W H Quantity
SGCD-R32-G 32
ring 3.0  10 1
SGCD-R42-G 42 23/19.7 3.0  10 4
SGCD-S52-G 52 23/20 3.5  10 5
SGCD-S62-G 62 24 3.5  10 5
SGCD-S68-G 68 24 3.5  10 6
SGCD-S72-G 72 24 4.0  10 6
SGCD-S82-G 82 24 4.0  10 7
SGCD-S92-G 92 24 4.0  10 8
SGCD-S102-G 102 24 4.0  10 9
SGCD-S112-G 112 24 4.0  10 9
SGCD-S132-G 132 24 4.0  10 10
SGCD-S152-G 152 24 4.0  10 12
SGCD-S162-G 162 24 4.0  10 12
SGCD-S172-G 172 24 4.0  10 13
SGCD-S182-G 182 24 4.0  10 13
SGCD-S202-G 202 24 4.0  10 14
SGCD-S220-G 220 24 4.5  10 15
SGCD-S250-G 250 24 4.5  10 20
SGCD-S275-G 275 24 4.5  10 22
SGCD-S302-G 302 24 4.5  10 24
SGCD-S320-G 320 24 4.5  10 24
SGCD-S350-G 350 24 4.5  10 24
SGCD-S400-G 400 24 4.5  10 30
SGCD-S450-G 450 24 5.0  10 30
SGCD-S500-G 500 24 5.0  10 30
SGCD-S600-G 600 24 5.0  10 30
Above data is used for reference;  Other size on request available.




1.Are you a Multi cutting segment manufacturer or trading company?

We are a 26 years Multi cutting segment manufacturer.

2.How to prove your quality?

We use E6 diamond,Dipea steel wire, passed ISO9001 and SGS,strict quality control and skilled workers.

3.What should I do if the products is not suitable for te market?

Giving us the detailed report first,then we analyze the reason,try to find the solutions.

If it is our problems,we will give you new products.

4.Do you provide free samples?

Small sample is welcomed.But,usually we don't provide free samples.

5.Can you provide OEM/OEM services?

It is ok.

6.Any question about Katelyn,please kindly let me know!Thanks!


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