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Diamond Saw Blade

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 05-30-2021      Origin: Site


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Diamond Saw Blade

1. Preservation of diamond saw blade. When not in use, hang the cutting piece vertically on a dry shelf, and do not lay it flat on the ground or in a humid environment.

2. The use of diamond saw blade. When in use, the maximum speed of the cutting blade cannot be exceeded, and the operator should wear protective cover, gloves, safety helmet and protective glasses.

3. Installation of the cutting blade. When installing, first read the instructions of the cutting blade to avoid wrong installation, and also confirm the performance of the cutting machine and the saw blade, and observe whether the road cutting blade is cracked, distorted, flattened, or missing teeth.

4. The Diamond Segment of the road cutting blade is super hard and sharp. It is forbidden to collide. If you want, please press it gently.

5. After the saw blade is installed, it is necessary to confirm whether the center hole of the saw blade is firmly fixed on the flange. If there is a washer, the washer must be fitted, and then gently push the saw blade by hand to confirm whether the rotation is eccentric or not.

6. The arrow of the road cutting blade indicates that the cutting direction should be aligned with the rotation direction of the saw table, and the wrong direction will cause the cutting blade to lose teeth.

7. It is forbidden to reverse during use. Reversing will cause the cutting blade to drop teeth and cause danger.

8. During use, if you hear an abnormal sound, stop the operation and check the cause of the abnormality.

9. After the cutting process, the saw blade should be gently cut into the material, and it is forbidden to press and push hard.

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