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Diamond grinding segment development status

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Diamond grinding segment development status

A diamond grinding disc is a tool used to polish the working surface and make it flat. The following is an analysis of the current status of the development of the diamond grinding segment and development prospects of diamond grinding discs.

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l Development status

l Development prospects

Development status

The diamond grinding segment is widely used in various fields such as geological exploration, stone, machinery, automobile, and national defense industry, etc. The manufacturing technology level of abrasives, geological drill bits, and stone sawing tools for mechanical processing has been greatly improved. Products have formed a series, standardization, complete varieties and specifications, product quality and stability, some products in the international market with a certain degree of competitiveness.

The vast majority of diamond single crystal is used to make various diamond tools, and there are many kinds of them. China's production of diamond sawing tools complete varieties of specifications, stable quality. According to statistics, diamond drilling tools in recent years can meet the market demand. With the development of the construction industry and the popularity of home air conditioning, for pipeline installation and air conditioning whole installation and old building renovation, construction with diamond thin-walled engineering drill bit demand is also increasing, for oil, coalfield exploration of the demand for PDC drill bit also increased accordingly. The diamond composite piece produced in China is still not up to par in quality, it needs to be further researched and improved to continuously improve the quality of the product and change the current situation that PDC bits depend on imports. In mechanical processing, segmented grinding wheel, PCD tool cutting tool, honing oil stone, dressing roller, wire drawing die, etc. are widely used. The performance of diamond polycrystalline wire drawing die is better than natural diamond die and cemented carbide die, so it is used a lot in wire drawing industry, especially the emergence of CVD diamond wire drawing die, which provides reliable wire drawing tools for controlling wire below 15mm. PCD tools are mainly used for the processing of non-ferrous metals and non-metal materials, it is reported that PCD tools are used in automobiles, motorcycles, household appliances, wood processing, general machinery, and other industries, the demand for PCD tools is increasing year by year.

Development prospects

On the current market to analyze the words, the development of diamond grinding segment in the prospect will be better, and the consumer recognition will be higher and higher.

Because the high technology products in the application more and more widely, and the diamond grinding segment in the whole stone processing industry but also has been recognized by consumers, but how to open up the diamond grinding a piece of the new market, at present is still more difficult to solve the problem, but the diamond grinding segment in the use of the appropriate scope of broadening is also its future development direction of a good choice.

QuanZhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd reminds you that the diamond grinding segment still has certain development prospects.

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