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Factory Custom Wholesale Redi Lock 16 Grit Diamond Grinding Segment for Floor Grinder

With Quick Change design, this diamond grinding head provides the most convenient and economical way for concrete floor preparation and grinding.
  • SG-HUS-013

  • SANG

  • SANG

  • TT100%,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram,etc

  • Quanzhou, Fujian, China

  • Xiamen or Guangzhou Port

  • 7~10 days after payment recieved

  • 36pcs

  • 8-12USD/PC


Product Details

Factory Custom Wholesale Redi Lock 16 Grit Diamond Grinding Segment for Floor Grinder


Product name Diamond concrete floor grinding block
Use for  Concrete or floor grinding.
Material  Diamond + Metal 
Certificate ISO9001,SGS
Segment size  40*10*12mm,40*12*12mm,D25*12mm,customized available.
Segment shape Rectangle,Round botton,Arrow,Hexagonal,Notch,Convex,Etc.
Bond hardness
X-soft ,soft, medium, hard , X-hard
Grit size 6~200#,as requested
Segment No Single,double,as requested
Klindex/CPS/ASL/EDCO,Lavina,Husqvarna,HTC,Werkmaster ,etc
Relative word Diamond grinding plate,3~M6 grinding block,concrete metal grinding diamonds
Supply Ability
10000 Pcs/Month
Factory More than 26 years experience
Delivery time 7~15 days after payment recieved


Redi Lock 16 grit diamond grinding segments are abrasive tools designed for use with floor grinders for surface preparation and grinding of concrete, stone, and other hard surfaces. These segments are typically used in the concrete polishing and grinding industry and are compatible with Redi Lock or similar quick-change systems. Here are some key features and considerations for Redi Lock 16 grit diamond grinding segments:

Grit Size: The "16 grit" specification indicates the coarseness of the diamond segments. A lower grit number, such as 16, represents a very coarse segment, which is ideal for aggressive material removal and initial grinding. It effectively removes surface imperfections, adhesives, coatings, and levels the concrete or stone surface.

Diamond Bond: The bond type of the diamond segments is an important consideration. It affects the hardness of the segment and its compatibility with different concrete hardness levels. For a very coarse 16 grit segment, a softer bond is typically used to ensure effective material removal and reduced heat generation during grinding.

Redi Lock Compatibility: Redi Lock is a popular quick-change system for floor grinding tools, and these 16 grit diamond grinding segments are designed to be compatible with this system. The Redi Lock system allows for easy and fast tool changes, increasing efficiency on the job.

Segment Shape: The shape and arrangement of the segments can vary. The choice of segment shape can impact the pattern and finish achieved during grinding. Common shapes include round or bar segments, and some designs have multiple smaller segments arranged in a specific pattern.

Surface Finish: While 16 grit segments are very coarse and mainly used for initial grinding, they can leave a textured surface. If a smoother finish is required, a progression through finer grits (higher numbers) may be necessary.

Application: These 16 grit diamond grinding segments are suitable for removing thick coatings, adhesive residues, leveling uneven surfaces, and exposing aggregate in concrete. They are typically used in the early stages of the grinding process.

Safety: When using diamond grinding segments on floor grinders, always follow safety guidelines, wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), and be aware of the potential hazards associated with surface preparation and grinding.

Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain your diamond grinding segments to ensure they remain effective and in good working condition. This may include checking for segment wear and making replacements as needed.

To achieve the desired results with Redi Lock 16 grit diamond grinding segments, it's important to use the appropriate combination of tools and techniques for your specific grinding project. Consult with us for guidance on selecting the right segments and other equipment for your application.

More detail please contact us.

E-mail: sell@sangtools.com

Product Description


husqvarna tools

husqvarna tools


1.Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
We are a 26 years manufacturer.

2.How to prove your quality?
We use E6 diamond,Dipea steel wire, passed ISO9001 and SGS,strict quality control and skilled workers.

3.What should I do if the products is not suitable for the market?
Giving us the detailed report first,then we analyze the reason,try to find the solutions.
If it is our problems,we will give you new products.

4.Do you provide free samples?
Small sample is welcomed.But,usually we don't provide free samples.

5.Can you provide OEM/OEM services?
It is ok.

6. Any question about Diamond Redi Lock Grinding Block Husqvarna Grinding Shoes Segment for Concrete Floor, please kindly let me know! Thanks! 


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