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Factory Price Concrete Drilling Tools Diamond Core Drill Bit

  • SANG

  • TT100%,Western Union,Paypal,Money Gram,etc

  • Fujian China

  • Xiamen or Guangzhou Port

  • 7~10 days after payment recieved

  • 5pcs

  • SGCD-S220-G

  • $98/pc


Product Details

Factory Price Concrete Drilling Tools Diamond Core Drill Bit

Quick Details

Product nameDiamond core bit
Use for For drilling reinforced concrete, asphalt, brick and air-cured refractories.
Relative word200mm core drill bit; concrete core drilling; concrete core bits
MaterialDiamond powder
Segment shapeflat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.
TechnologyHot press,sinterd,welding technology
Supply Ability10000 Pcs/Month
FactoryMore than 26 years experience
Delivery time7~10 days after payment recieved

Type of segment: flat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.

Type of thread: Straight shank; 5/8"-11;  M14;  UNC 1 1/4"-7;  Gas 1/2;  3/4"-6.

Product Description

Universal wet drilling core bits are used for drilling machines.

Type of segment: flat segment, ∧ segment and ∨ segment, turbo segment.

Type of thread: Straight shank; 5/8"-11;  M14;  UNC 1 1/4"-7;  Gas 1/2;  3/4"-6.

Diamond core drill bits are specialized tools used for drilling holes in hard materials like concrete, masonry, stone, and tile. These drill bits are designed with a steel tube body and diamond-impregnated segments or rim at the cutting end. The diamond segments provide superior cutting performance and durability.

When choosing a diamond core drill bit, there are several factors to consider:

Size: Diamond core drill bits come in various sizes to accommodate different hole diameters. Select a drill bit size that matches your specific drilling needs.

Type of material: Consider the type of material you will be drilling into. Different drill bits are designed for specific materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, or natural stone. Ensure you choose a diamond core drill bit suitable for your intended application.

Wet or dry drilling: Diamond core drill bits can be used for both wet and dry drilling. Wet drilling involves using water or a coolant to lubricate and cool the drill bit during the drilling process, reducing heat and dust. Dry drilling is suitable for certain applications where water usage is not feasible or allowed. Ensure the drill bit you select is compatible with your chosen drilling method.

Quality and performance: Higher-quality diamond core drill bits tend to have better cutting performance, longer lifespan, and improved durability. Look for reputable brands or manufacturers known for producing reliable and high-quality diamond tools.

Compatibility: Ensure the diamond core drill bit you choose is compatible with your drilling equipment. Check the shank type and size to ensure a proper fit with your drill machine or core drilling rig.

In terms of pricing, it can vary depending on factors such as the brand, quality, size, and type of diamond core drill bit. It is recommended to contact us directly to inquire about specific pricing and availability based on your requirements.

Remember to follow safety guidelines and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when operating concrete drilling tools, including diamond core drill bits.


1.Are you a Multi cutting segment manufacturer or trading company?

We are a 30 years Multi cutting segment manufacturer.

2.How to prove your quality?

We use E6 diamond,Dipea steel wire, passed ISO9001 and SGS,strict quality control and skilled workers.

3.What should I do if the products is not suitable for the market?

Giving us the detailed report first,then we analyze the reason,try to find the solutions.

If it is our problems,we will give you new products.

4.Do you provide free samples?

Small sample is welcomed.But,usually we don't provide free samples.

5.Can you provide OEM/OEM services?

It is ok.

6.Any question about Katelyn,please kindly let me know!Thanks!


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