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Features and application areas of diamond grinding segments

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Features and application areas of diamond grinding segments

Diamond grinding segment with diamond abrasive as raw material, divided into metal powder, resin powder ceramic, and electroplated metal as a bonding agent, made of a circular solid grinding tool with a central hole called diamond grinding wheel (alloy grinding wheel). The diamond grinding head is used for grinding machine on the disc type grinding tool, by the disc body and diamond grinding block, diamond inlaid in the disc body, through the high-speed rotation of the mill to the work surface to implement flat grinding. The following is an introduction to the features and applications of diamond grinding segments.

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The diamond grinding segment is characterized by fast grinding speed, no scratches, no jumping, long service life, etc. The segmented grinding wheel has a series of advantages such as uniform particle size, good solidification strength, excellent flatness, excellent sharpness, no jumping, no line, no sand drop, and wear resistance.

High hardness, high compressive strength, and good wear resistance are the characteristics that diamond abrasives have. So, diamond grinding shoes become the ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and cemented carbide in grinding processing, not only high precision, high efficiency, and good roughness, less abrasive consumption, long service life, but also improve the labor conditions. Therefore, it is widely used for a series of applications of low iron content metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials that are difficult to be processed by ordinary abrasives, such as hard alloy, high aluminum porcelain, optical glass, onyx gems, semiconductor materials, stone, etc.

Application areas

The diamond grinding segment has become an ideal tool for grinding hard and brittle materials and carbide in grinding processing, which not only has high efficiency and precision, but also has good toughness, low abrasive consumption, and long service life, and can improve labor conditions. In recent years diamond grinding pucks have been widely used in electronics, electronic tubes, photoelectricity, crystals, handicrafts, crystal lighting, precision processing of glass products, and other industries. Also, in the shape processing of cemented carbide materials, electrolytic grinding processing, and grinding of diamond drill bits for grinding processing centers and other heavy-duty cutting, it has the characteristics of good grinding wear resistance, high efficiency, and long service life. Diamond grinding segments are generally used for grinding marble, granite, ceramics, artificial stone, and glass, etc. They are especially suitable for the construction and decoration of concrete walls, flooring local leveling and the grinding of edges, chamfering and rounding of marble and granite decorative plates, with the advantages of fast grinding speed and long life.

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