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How to choose diamond segment

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How to choose diamond Segment:
1. The diamond segment, cutting, grinding, drilling machine is mainly use the special high flexibility of diamond powder, high strength and grinding characteristic, while the matrix is just the support body of the diamond saw blade. By diamond segment cost is high,generally the price is 12.5 percent of the slab. So,choose the use the diamond segment reasonably is very important.
2. The width of the segment can be separated by  the size deviation, and the deviation of the same piece should be controlled within 0.05mm.
3. In cutting process, diamond powder really play a cutting role, binder can only control diamond powder for cutting, for this reason, diamond powder must expose a certain height, about 20%-60% of diamond particle diameter. different properties of stone, the minimum exposure height is different.

4. The gap formed by saw blade sawing consist of thousands of diamond powder cutting.

5. The durability of the saw blade is life, which is generally measured by the total area (m2) of stone sawn from the use of the saw blade to the time when the diamond layer of the saw blade is completely worn.

6, cutting surface quality, mainly by the stone material surface is flat, smooth, and whether the edge, Angle of the performance of falling meters, is an important sign of the effectiveness of sawing blade sawing, sawing surface is not smooth, rough, edge and Angle collapse serious shows that the sawing effect is poor, the quality of the blade is low.
7. Cutting efficiency refers to the area of cutting material per unit time of the saw blade, which is the main index to measure the performance of the saw blade. It is determined by two factors, such as feed depth, cutting speed and cutting time.

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