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How to identify high-quality concrete saw blades?

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How to identify high-quality concrete saw blades?

There are many kinds of concrete cutting blades, different sizes, and the precision of various saw blades is not the same. Even if it looks the same two concrete saw blades its performance may have a big gap, so in the choice must learn to identify concrete saw blades, and identify the way different people have different opinions. High-quality concrete saw blade how to identify it? The next is some introduction.

Here is the content list:

l Cannot identify from the appearance

l Identify cold-pressed or hot-pressed saw blades

l Identify whether the sharpness and durability

Cannot identify from the appearance

To identify as well as to judge a sharp and wear-resistant diamond blade, for some do not know the line of users and traders, must not be because of all kinds of bright appearance and confused, as well as simple to see the head blade thickness and height difference and whether the outer circle is flat is not scientific. From the appearance alone is certainly a hot or cold pressure concrete blade for skill saw wins, most manufacturers will not be in the description of the saw blade marked cold or hot pressure saw blade, ordinary users how can distinguish that type of saw blade?

Identify cold-pressed or hot-pressed saw blades

Hot or cold pressure saw blade in general in the matrix and the transition position of the head no obvious welding line, from the diamond, saw blade elevation look carefully, can see the matrix has part inlaid in the body of the head of the tire. Due to the secondary heat deformation of the substrate, the surface of the substrate is easily oxidized, and the original metal texture is not revealed. So, manufacturers use a dark bright primer to cover the oxidation of the substrate. So a seemingly shiny concrete cutting blade will have to pay attention to identify.

Hot pressing or cold pressing concrete cutting blade because of its fatal process decided it can not reach the service life of welding type saw blade. But if the domestic can develop can in the production process at the same time to the saw blade end and plane two-way pressure hot pressing equipment, its defects can be solved, but to produce in a few square millimeters of area precision error not more than 10 silk of hot-pressing machinery on the domestic equipment manufacturing industry is a very big challenge, even if developed, the actual process of manufacturing costs and certainly no advantage to speak of.

Identify whether the sharpness and durability

A really good concrete cutting blade is most abstract is to have high sharpness and durability of the two characteristics. High sharpness is the requirement of the diamond out of the blade head fast, a diamond can protrude, this point electroplating process of concrete circular saw is to do the best and to see from the outside whether the durable saw blade is more complex and professional, this point is also troubled some saw blade manufacturers the most headache problem. Determine the service life of the saw blade is mainly the blade head body to the diamond holding force and diamond grade. As you can imagine, the holding force is low, a diamond in the sawing process to fall off, of course, its life is low. Low-grade synthetic diamond in the manufacturing process and the actual sawing process is easy to carbonize, also affect the concrete saw blade sharpness and durability.

QuanZhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd reminds you that with the above methods, you can easily identify high-quality concrete saw blades.

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