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How to improve emery wear-resistant floor quality

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How to improve emery wear-resistant floor quality

Everyone knows that the emery wear-resistant floor can withstand a certain amount of pressure, can also create different colors, and it can repair the tunnels of the entire ground, and has the advantages of durability, wear resistance, dust resistance, and easy cleaning. How to control emery The quality of the wear-resistant floor makes the above advantages more obvious. The lack of any link in the quality control will affect the overall quality acceptance standard of the wear-resistant floor.

Today we will comprehensively explain the three elements of emery wear-resistant floor quality control.

The first element: control the color and quality of emery wear-resistant floor

concrete floor

Ensure that the wear-resistant material is well bonded to the cement concrete base and the color of the floor is consistent. The main purpose is to control the timing of the wear-resistant material and the amount of spraying per square meter. The timing of the spreading should be selected at the initial setting stage of the concrete, and the amount of spraying per square meter. It should be spread twice to achieve even spreading.

The second element: control the surface flatness of emery wear-resistant floor

grinding floor

The flatness of the floor construction is mainly controlled by the flatness of the cement concrete base. The wear-resistant material is only a thin and dense layer on the surface, so it is particularly critical to control the flatness of the surface before the initial setting of the concrete. Strictly control the flatness of cement concrete during pouring, and leveling can be done twice by scraping bars in one front and one back.

    In addition, at the two adjacent construction joints of concrete, because it is close to the construction joint template, the trowel is not easy to polish when the floor is finished and formed, so it is easy to cause height differences at the construction joint. Therefore, the construction joints should be cleaned up after the template is removed. The method is to use a cutting machine to cut the concrete with a width of 50mm and a depth of about 50mm along the construction joint elastic line, and remove it before the second pouring of the concrete, so as to ensure that the second pouring of the concrete is evenly connected with the completed concrete. Straight, pay attention to the elastic line, cutting should be straight.

construction floor grinding

The third element: prevent the emery wear-resistant floor from shrinking cracks and other defects

1. Control the dryness of the concrete surface before spreading the wear-resistant material. If there is water on the concrete surface, it must be cleaned up before spreading, otherwise the water-accumulating part is prone to shrinkage cracks;

2. Cut the expansion joints in time. Two days after the cement concrete is poured, that is, 1-2 days after the completion of the wear-resistant floor, the cutting will be carried out, and it will not work later.

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