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How to maximize the performance of its concrete saw blade?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 04-18-2022      Origin: Site

How to maximize the performance of its concrete saw blade?

As the saying goes: "cheap is not good, good is not cheap", may be true for other goods, but I'm afraid it's not true for diamond tools, the key is to match. Affect the performance of concrete cutting bladefor many reasons: such as equipment sawing object, quality requirements, personnel quality, etc. Make a comprehensive assessment, sensible choice of the best use of things, just right, to save money, reduce costs, participate in the industry competition. The next is the introduction of the method to play the performance of the concrete saw blade and its use requirements.

Here is the content list:

  •  Ways to bring out the performance

  •  Use requirements

Ways to bring out the performance

Different specifications and uses of concrete cutting blades, the design of the head length and matrix form is different, try to use according to its corresponding occasions. Equipment spindle and clamp plate size and shape accuracy on concrete saw blade use effect has great influence, according to install concrete saw blade before to check and adjust. Especially to the clamping plate and concrete saw blade contact surface influence clamping force caused by displacement slippage factor must be excluded. At any time pay attention to the wall saw work situation, the occurrence of abnormal, such as vibration, voice, processing surface go material situation, must promptly stop adjusting, and timely repair grinding, keep the peak li. Repair concrete saw blade shall not change its original angle, avoid the head local sudden heat sudden cold, the best please professional repair grinding. Temporarily do not use the concrete saw blade to hang vertically, avoid a long time flat, more should not be piled upon it, the head should be protected, not allowed to collide.

Use requirements

When working, the workpiece should ensure to be fixed, profile positioning in line with the direction of eating knife, so as not to cause abnormal cutting, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, into the knife to be smooth, to avoid the knife-edge impact contact with the workpiece, thus leading to concrete circular saw breakage, or workpiece flying out accidental accidents. When working, find abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface, or odor, must immediately terminate the operation, timely inspection, troubleshooting to avoid accidents. When starting to cut and stop cutting, do not enter the knife too fast to avoid breaking teeth and breakage. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, use special cooling lubricating fluid to prevent the saw blade from overheating, producing paste teeth, and other damage, affecting the cutting quality. Make sure the equipment chip discharge slot and slag suction device are smooth to prevent slag accumulation into lumps, which will affect production and safety. When dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life of concrete blade for skill saw and cutting effect; wet cutting, should add water cutting, beware of leakage.

QuanZhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd reminds you that the above methods can effectively help you bring out the maximum performance of concrete saw blades.

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