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How to select the diamond saw blade

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 11-25-2019      Origin: Site

1. Welding the diamond segment  on the diamond saw blade matrix, consist of the diamond  saw blade.

Selecting diamond saw blade reasonably, can improve work efficiency, reducing Cost is of great significance,.And there are many factors that affect performance of the saw blade, please pay attention to in the purchase of matrix and diamond segment.

We SANG ,use Hein steel core ,E6 diamond,can easily match your request to manufacture good quality saw blade.

2. The function of the saw blade should suitable for the stone. The function of different types of saw blades is mainly determined by the strength, particle size and concentration of diamond, as well as the hardness and abrasion resistance of the binder.

3. Select the size and type of saw blade according to the cutting material specifications and quality requirements. In general, the blade should be three times larger than the slab. Meanwhile, the structure shape of the blade should be selected according to the requirements of the stones.namely, if you want to cut thin and easy chipping material, us narrow slot.Otherwise,wide slot can be used in thicked material.

Diamond saw blade

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