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How to solve the diamond falling on the diamond saw blade

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 03-23-2020      Origin: Site

Problem Cause Solution
Diamond powder falling Using a wet cutting  blade for dry cutting Use a dry blade instead
Diamond powder falling
Insufficient supply of water to the blade Make sure water hoses are clean and free from any blockages.Supply sufficient water flow to both sides of the blade.
Diamond powder falling The blade vibrates during cutting Attach the blade to flange firmly and make sure machine condition is properly controlled.
Diamond powder falling The bond natrix is too soft to hold diamonds  Choose a harder bond matrix.
Diamond powder falling Using a wrong arbor hole Check proper size of bore.
Diamond powder falling Excessive work time Reduce and control work time.
Diamond powder falling The material being cut or the machine is not held firmly Maintain a firm grip on the material and secure the machine firmly
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