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How to weld diamond segment on diamond saw blade matrix

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1. The process of welding thediamond segmenton diamond saw blade matrix is essentially the process of heat treatment of the tooth of the matrix, which will cause certain damage to the internal quality of the matrix, especially increasing the stress of the outside diameter of the saw blade. Therefore, it must be strictly operated.

2. The welding temperature should not be too high, avoid carbonized diamond powder and damaging thediamond segment. The welding temperature is generally controlled between 600℃ and 800℃.

3. Silver welding shall be of high silver content, more than 35%, low temperature type and easy to melt,  shorten welding time and prevent matrix deformation.

4. When welding the smalldiamond saw blade, expand the flange diameter to the bottom of the base water tank.

5. When welding the bigdiamond saw blade, we can make a hollow module, and the module can be placed at the downstairs of the welded segment, and the cooling  water circulation can be used to control the heat affected area.

6. In order to ensure the temperature of welding, we can usean electric fanto accelerate the flowing of the air in welding, but the flowing direction can not facing the blade plane.

7. If thecutting segmenthas a non-working layer, polish the non-wkring layer and making it close to the radian of the base tooth of the saw blade to improve the welding strength of thecutting segment: if the cutting segment hasn't non-working layer, polish the blade matrix base tooth end to ensure that the welded cutting segment is closely connected with the base and firmly connected.

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