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Husqvarna redi lock diamond grinding

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 12-26-2020      Origin: Site

For Husqvarna machine, there are many types metal bond diamond tools, the typical things is redi lock.

1.Single segment or double segment:

single segment--- used in lighter machine ,increase the pressure to the ground.Like PG280,PG400,PG450,etc.

double segment--- used in heavy machine, increase the lifespan.Like PG530,PG680RC,PG680,PG820RC,PG820,etc.

2. shape:

rectangle ,arrow, round, hexgonal,etc.

3.the bond:

Ex-soft,soft,meidum, hard, Ex-hard.

More details about redi lock diamond for husqvarna machine,contact us www.sangtools.com

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