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Installation guide of diamond saw blade

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How to install a diamond saw blade

Installation guide:

1. Cleaning: clean the main shaft and flange of the saw , remove rust, grease, etc. All surfaces shall be wiped with fine gauze.

2. Deburring: if you drill the mounting hole on the saw blade, you need an Angle grinder and roving paper to grind the burring around the position hole.

3. Rotation direction: when the saw blade is installed on the saw machine, the rotation direction should be consistent with the arrow direction on the saw blade matrix, and the direction should be kept unchanged from the beginning to the end of use. Otherwise, the diamond on the saw blade is easy to fall off and reduce the lifespan.

4· flange: its main function is to position, clamp and transfer torque, to ensure that the saw blade is installed on the main shaft of any saw machine at the right position, and to make it have enough rigidity to reduce the swing vibration during cutting.

Tip: the inner hole of flange plate should be coaxially coordinated, and the diameter of flange plate should be consistent with the diameter of saw blade, generally about 1/3 of the diameter of equal square saw blade. In the case of ensuring the cutting size, the larger the better. The recommended size of flange plate is shown in the table below:

Blade diameter Flange diameter Flange thickness
200 80 12
250 100 12
300 120 12
350 140 15
400 150 15
450 160 15
500 170 18
600 180 18
700 200 20
900 250 20
1100 250 20
1200 300 25
1400 325 25
1600 375 30
2000 425 35
2200 435 35

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