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Rhombus Segments Concrete Diamond Grinding Shoes for Husqvarna Grinder

Diamond Grinding Tooling Designed for Husqvarna PG Series Floor Grinding Machines
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  • HUS-B12

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Product Description

Diamond Grinding Pad Metal Bond Concrete Redi Lock for Husqvarna Grinder

Material  Diamond + Metal 
Certificate ISO9001
Size  24*10*10mm,24*12*12mm,customized available.
Shape Customized. according to the machine.
Level  Extreme soft ,soft, normal, hard , extreme hard
Grit 6-400#,customized.
Machine Lavina,Husqvarna,Klindex,HTC,and so on.
Usage concrete or floor grinding.
More detail please contact us.

grinding pad

Rhombus Segments Concrete Diamond Grinding Shoes are specialized tools designed for grinding and polishing concrete surfaces, specifically for use with Husqvarna Grinders. These tools are commonly used in the construction and concrete polishing industry. Here are some key features and information about these grinding shoes:

Rhombus Segments: The term "Rhombus Segments" refers to the shape of the diamond segments on these grinding shoes. Rhombus segments are known for their aggressive cutting action and efficient material removal. This design helps create a consistent and smooth grinding result on concrete surfaces.

Concrete Surface Applications: Rhombus Segments Concrete Diamond Grinding Shoes are specifically designed for concrete grinding and surface preparation. They can be used to remove surface imperfections, coatings, and level and smooth concrete surfaces. The rhombus segments provide a unique grinding pattern and an even finish.

Grit Size: The choice of grit size depends on the specific grinding and polishing requirements. Coarser grits are used for initial grinding to remove material, while finer grits are used for polishing and achieving a smoother finish. The grit size selection depends on the condition of the concrete surface and the desired end result.

For compatibility and recommendations related to your specific concrete grinding and polishing needs, consult the manufacturer or supplier of the grinding shoes and Husqvarna Grinder. They can provide guidance on the appropriate tools and techniques for your specific project.



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