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SANG Tools Diamond Grinding Disc Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segment for Floor Grinder

Quick Change Redi Lock Diamond Grinding Block Shoes for Husqvarna Concrete Floor Grinder
  • SG-HUS-012

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  • HUS-H12

  • $7 - $10

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Product Description

SANG Tools Diamond Grinding Disc Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segment for Floor GrinderSANGTOOLS1

Material  Diamond + Metal 
Certificate ISO9001
Size  24*10*10mm,24*12*12mm,customized available.
Shape Customized. according to the machine.
Level  Extreme soft ,soft, normal, hard , extreme hard
Grit 6-400#,customized.
Machine Lavina,Husqvarna,Klindex,HTC,and so on.
Usage concrete or floor grinding.
More detail please contact us.

diamond grinding shoes

Diamond Grinding Discs with Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segments are specialized tools used for floor grinding and surface preparation. They are designed to be used with floor grinders that utilize the Redi-Lock attachment system.

The Redi-Lock system is a popular and convenient attachment system used in floor grinding machines. It allows for quick and easy tool changes without the need for additional tools or hardware. The Redi-Lock design features a series of pins and holes that securely lock the grinding disc onto the grinder.

The Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segments are specifically designed to be compatible with the Redi-Lock attachment system. These segments have a unique shape and configuration that allows them to fit securely into the Redi-Lock pins and holes, ensuring a tight and stable connection during operation.

When using Diamond Grinding Discs with Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segments, it is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines. Proper safety equipment should be worn, including eye protection, a dust mask, and hearing protection. Ensure that the grinding disc is securely attached to the floor grinder using the Redi-Lock system, and operate the machine with proper technique and control.

These grinding discs are commonly used for concrete floor preparation, leveling uneven surfaces, removing coatings and adhesives, and achieving a smooth and polished finish on concrete floors. They are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, providing efficient material removal and surface preparation.

It's important to note that specific product details and compatibility may vary depending on the manufacturer and brand of the Diamond Grinding Discs and Redi-Lock Diamond Grinding Segments. Always contact us for precise information about the specific products you intend to use.



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