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The basis for choosing concrete saw blades

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The basis for choosing concrete saw blades

There are many kinds of concrete saw blades on the market, so how should we choose them? What do you need to base on when selecting a concrete saw blade? The next is some introduction. The precautions for the use of concrete saw blades are also attached.

Here is the content list:

  •  Selection method

  •  Precautions for use

Selection method

Basic data

Machine spindle speed, processing workpiece thickness, and raw materials, knife saw outer diameter scale, and hole diameter.

Selection basis

By the spindle rotation and to be generally with the outside diameter of the saw blade accounting, cutting speed: V = π × outside diameter D × rotation N / 60 (m / s) reasonable cutting speed is usually in 60-90 m / s, cutting speed is too large, machine tool oscillation, sound, concrete circular saw stability decline, processing quality decline, cutting speed is too small, production power decline. The same feeding speed, the amount of cutting per tooth added, affecting the processing quality and the life of the knife saw. Because the saw blade diameter D and spindle speed N is the power function connection, in practice, reasonable progress in speed, cut saw blade diameter is most economical.

Quality to price ratio

As the saying goes: "cheap is not good, good is not cheap", for other commodities can be right, but for concrete blade tool stuff I'm afraid it is not quite true; the key is to match. To the worksite of many elements: such as equipment sawing target, quality needs, personnel quality, etc. Make a generalized evaluation, calmly select the best use of things, appropriate, to save money, reduce costs, participate in the professional competition. This depends on the grasp of professional knowledge and information of similar goods.

Precautions for use

Staff should wear protective equipment before the operation, such as safety shoes, safety glasses, helmets, and so on, to do all the protective measures. The cutting machine should have a protective cover or other safety devices.

Before use, check whether the concrete circular saw is broken or seriously deformed, if there is a broken condition, it should be strictly prohibited to use. Check whether there is dirty stuff on the top of the chuck of the cutting machine if there is to clean it up and then install it, whether the spindle bearing or bushing is seriously worn if it is seriously worn to replace the new bushing.

When installing the concrete saw blade, the installation direction should be consistent with the direction indicated, the direction is not consistent easily caused by the phenomenon of not cutting.

In the use of time if is dry cuttingconcrete blade for skill saw, dry cutting time to every 10 to 15 seconds when to idle a few seconds, so that can have time to cool the saw blade, cutting out the effect will be better.

In the process of cutting concrete saw blade cannot use curve cutting, also cannot side mouse, curve cutting and side mouse will easily cause saw blade crack.

If cutting concrete blade for skill saw is tilted cutting, then do not cut too deep, cutting time to pay attention to safety, do not let their bodies and saw blade in the same plane, and in the process of cutting if you hear an abnormal sound to immediately stop cutting and check whether the concrete saw blade wear, if there are problems, we must promptly solve.

QuanZhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd reminds you that you need to follow the above precautions when using concrete saw blades.

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