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The concrete cutting disc

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The concrete cutting disc

Concrete, is a solid substance that easily crumbles or forms chips. Therefore, its processing requires precision and sufficient power of the working tool.

To meet these requirements, we use diamond saw blade for concrete,  cutting and grinding .

When working with any hard material, the cuting should be even cut. The disk is a "dynamic" part of the working tool, it is widely used in stationary stone cutting machine, wall saw, road saw and walkbehind saw,etc.

how to judge the quality of the cut - No roughness, no torn marks. With their help, you can also correct rough surface in the structure of diamond saw blade.

There are three standard types. Each of them has a number of characteristics associated with the scope.

And so, cutting discs are:

--- solid (used for wet processing of material);

--- segmented (used for dry cutting);

--- polished (there are grooves for removing dust).

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