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The effect of water flow on the saw blade

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-20-2020      Origin: Site

1. Proper selection and use of cooling lubricants can improve the cooling and lubricating conditions of diamond saw blades in the cutting process,  improving the cutting area, increasing cutting efficiency and reducing the cutting cost of saw blades.

2. The cooling lubricating fluid plays a role by scour, removing cuttings and lowering the temperature of the saw blade. Therefore, it is very important to supply enough cooling lubricating fluid to the saw blade to improve the cutting quality and reduce the consumption of the saw blade.

The cooling water pressure is generally not less than 0.2Mpa, and the following water is recommended for your reference:

Blade diameter(mm) Water(L/mm)
450 10-15
500 15-20
600 20-30
900 30-40
1000-1100 40-50
1200 50-60
1600 60-70
1800 70-80
2000 90-100

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