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What is the principle of the cement drill bit?

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What is the principle of the cement drill bit?

The cement drill bit is the tool used to break the rock and form the hole in oil drilling, and its working performance will directly affect the drilling quality, drilling efficiency, and drilling cost. According to the types, drill bits can be divided into long concrete drill bits, PDC bits, scraper bits, and tooth wheel bits. The following is an introduction to the structure and principles of long concrete drill bits.

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Long concrete drill bits are bits that break rock using diamond particles embedded in the bit matrix. Diamond is the hardest and most wear-resistant of known materials. Therefore, when long concrete drill bits are used in hard and highly abrasive formations, relatively high drill feeds can be obtained. Although diamond is expensive, long concrete drill bits are still very competitive in today's oil drilling due to high wear and high single bit feeds. At present, long concrete drill bits are widely used in general rotary drilling, turbo drilling, and coring operations, with heat-stabilized polycrystalline diamond teeth being particularly widely used.


The cement drill bit is a kind of integral drill bit, the whole bit has no moving parts, mainly including the drill body, tooth crown, hydraulic structure (including water hole or nozzle, water tank, also called runner and chip discharge slot), gauges and cutting edge (teeth). The crown of the best concrete drill bit is the working part of the drill bit cutting rock, its surface (working surface) is inlaid with diamond cutting teeth, and has a hydraulic structure, the side of the bail diameter. The drill bit body is made of steel material, the upper part is threaded with the drill column and the lower part is connected with the crown base (the steel crown is integrated with the drill bit body).


When the best concrete drill bit operates, many diamonds on the surface of the bit act on the rock at the same time. The action of diamond-breaking rock shows different characteristics in rocks of different nature. In plastic strata (or strata where the rock is plastic under stress), the diamonds eat into the strata under the action of drill bit pressure, causing the rock in front to break or flow plastically under the action of drill bit torque.

When drilling in brittle strata, the role of diamond in breaking the rock is mainly "crushing". The stresses generated by WOB and torque cause the rock under the blade to crack along the shear stress plane and form a crushing groove on the backside of the diamond movement. In this case, the volume of rock fragmentation is much larger than when the diamond is eaten away. Rock crushing has the nature of volume crushing, and rock crushing is highly efficient. In hard strata (such as flint, siliceous dolomite, etc.), drilling generally uses a pregnant long concrete drill bit with fine diamonds embedded in the matrix, and the rock-breaking process is similar to that of a grinding wheel. Each diamond plated on the core cutting bit is a small edge tooth, and the drill bit can be regarded as a tool with numerous edges. When the bit is drilled into the rock, the sharp diamond teeth exposed on the bit break the rock by micro-cutting and scoring.

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