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Why the core drill bit can not drill?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 06-30-2020      Origin: Site

When the hardness of diamond bond is not suitable for the stone,that will smoothen the diamond.So the diamond core drill bit can not drill the hole and can not be sharp.

We can solve the drill problems with this methods:

1.Appropriately increase the bit pressure,make the diamond bare;

2. Reduce the amount of pump, and accelerate the wear of the tire by the residual rock powder in the hole to make the diamond come out;

3.If necessary, add some rock powder into the washing fluid to increase the friction between the drill bit and the hole bottom to make the diamond edge come out;

4.If the above methods are ineffective, lift the drill bit to ground,sand blaster can be treated by acid etching or other suitable diamond bit.

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