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how to judge the diamond saw blade efficiency

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 01-13-2021      Origin: Site

To judge the cutting effect of diamond saw blade, there are mainly three indexes: cutting efficiency, lifespan and processing

Cutting efficiency is an indicator of productivity, usually cm2/min,m2/h, which is a sign of the sharpness of the saw blade .
It is an important metric that users pay attention to first. Sharpness should be able to meet the requirements of users, which is a prerequisite for the saw blade as a commodity to enter the market. For different stones, the country has a standard saw cutting efficiency

lifespan: it is an indicator of working ability, or is an indicator of durability.Use the the slab quantity  to judge the blade ability.
use the number of m sheets, expressed in area and sometimes in extended meters. For example, trimming saw blade, in sawing a certain specification Plate, can be expressed with area m, can also be extended in meters. The lifespan is the index that the user cares about. Especially in factory, this index to the manufacturer  is very important.

Processing quality (plate quality): the quality of the plate cut out of the saw blade mainly refers to the surface flatness, flatness and flatness of both sides.

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