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Advantages of best concrete drill bits and rock breaking effect

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Advantages of best concrete drill bits and rock breaking effect

Drill bit quality, bit type, and formation lithology are appropriate, to speed up the drilling speed, improving the long concrete drill bit into the footage plays an important role. Generally speaking, a variety of drill bits of different sizes are used to drill an oil and gas well, and larger diameter bits are used to drill the upper layers. As the concrete drills into a soft formation, a single bit feeds long and short, a bit can generally be used repeatedly for several wells; while drilling the lower formation should use a smaller diameter bit, because the formation is hard, a single bit feeds less, usually using more than one bit. The feed rate of the new long concrete drill bit depends mainly on the size and type of the bit, the hardness of the formation, and the matching of drilling parameters. In general, the smaller the bit size, the harder the formation and the lower the feed rate. The larger the size of the best concrete drill bit, the softer the formation, and the more the drill bit feeds. Next is an introduction to the advantages and rock-breaking effects of long concrete drill bits.

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l Advantages

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The force-balanced design of the drill bit provides good guidance and the best concrete drill bit is suitable for downhole motor directional drilling with low radial vibration. The patented PDC chips of different structures are arranged in different positions in the drill bit, which makes the best concrete drill bit highly aggressive and wear-resistant. Strong aggressive design enables the bit to obtain a high drilling speed. Apply dynamic flow field simulation technology to hydraulic design to optimize the flow field at the bottom of the well, which is conducive to improving chip discharge speed and preventing mud pack. Long concrete drill bits are mainly made of cast tungsten carbide and diamond composite pieces, which have a long service life and high value.

Rock-breaking effect

The rock-breaking effect of the best concrete drill bits is done by diamond particles. To know the rock-breaking effect of the drill bit, we need to know the rock-breaking effect of a single diamond. In hard strata, the rock undergoes high stress in the action, so that the rock undergoes a lithological transformation from brittle to plastic. When the single diamond nibbles the strata, under the action of torque cutting rock, cutting depth is equal to the nibbling depth of diamond particles. This process is like "plowing", so it is called the plowing cutting action of the long concrete drill bit.

In some brittle rocks (such as sandstone, limestone, etc.), the volume of broken rocks is much larger than the volume of diamond particles sucking and rotating under the action of torque at the same time. When the pressure is not high, only small grooves can be formed along the direction of diamond movement, when the pressure becomes large, the rock in the deep part of the small grooves and on both sides will be broken, exceeding the cross-sectional size of the diamond particles.

Best concrete drill bit rock-breaking effect not only with the lithology and external factors (such as pressure, temperature, the nature of the formation fluid, etc.) but the weight on the bit is also an important factor. A long concrete drill bit in breaking rock with surface crushing, fatigue crushing, and volume crushing three ways. Only when the diamond particles have enough specific pressure to eat into the formation rock, the rock is volume crushing, to achieve the ideal rock breaking effect.

QuanZhou Sang Diamond Tools Co., Ltd's long concrete drill bits have remarkable advantages and obvious rock breaking effect.

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